Food Business In Canada

How To Start Food Business In Canada

The food industry is one of the challenging and high risky spaces to enter as a business. Below are some of the important points which help to guide that how to start food business in Canada. As, there’s no shortage of appetite among entrepreneurs who wants to enter this food market. In fact, food retail and service industry in Canada is presently a $200 billion industry.

Steps To Start Food Business In Canada

1. Differentiate yourself from Competition: A high level of competition always there in the food industry, it is one of the factors which makes starting food business at high risk. It is very important to determine that your selling proposition make you to stand out from its competition.

2. Test Products: Test saleability of your food product on a small scale before you do major investment like signing purchasing major equipments or a lease. Make your products available at local community market.

3. Know About Your Industry Regulations: There may be number of industry regulations which are being applied to your food business. Start by checking all these resources to determine that regulations are required for you.

Food Premises Guideline: BC Health Act: Food Premises Regulation is administered by Local Health Authorities in BC. They license, respond and inspect to the complaints regarding food facilities in British Columbia. Food service operators need to get Health Operating Permit, as well as complete health inspections.

FoodSafe Certification: All of the food service operators in BC need to get FOODSAFE Certification.

Liquor License: If you look forward to serve alcohol at your food establishment, you should apply for appropriate license for liquor through BC Liquor Control and Licencing Branch.

4. Create Forecast of Realistic Cashflow: Having enough cash may be critical for your food businesses, as you will have all of the expenses long before you start generating huge amount of revenue. You need to make sure that you can cover all of those expenses.