How To Start Telecommunications Business In Canada

How To Start Telecommunications Business In Canada

Telecom industry in Canada is not a welcoming place for the upstart firms. Telus Corp. is the recent organization which offers wireless companies and announced a number of plans to acquire a week for around $380-million. Below are some points that tell you that How To Start Telecommunications Business In Canada:

Before an organization can provide or offer customers with its telecommunications services, it is mandatory to get registered with the CRTC. CRTC is applied to the organizations of all different sizes i.e from small start-ups to the large enterprises.

Telecommunication services include payphone services, wireless services, long distance services, internet services, Voice over IP (VoIP) services, local voice services. All of the Telecommunications Providers which carry the telecommunications traffic internationally should get a BITS licence.

You can register as of the following:

– Full MVNO (Full Mobile Virtual Network Operator)
– Proposed Full MVNO (Proposed Full Mobile Virtual Network Operator)
– DSL Provider (Digital Subscriber Line Provider)
– CPTSP (Competitive Payphone Service Provider)
– Wireless Carrier
– Non-Dominant Carrier
– CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier)
– PCLEC (Proposed Competitive Local Exchange Carrier)
– BITS (Basic International Telecommunications Services) Licensee
– Reseller of High-Speed Retail Internet Services
– Reseller of Telecommunications Services

Steps to register a Telecommunication Firm: Firstly, you have to prepare a company registration application. Add your address to the Secretary-General. You must include below details in your application:

Contact information for the organization that you want to register:
– Email address
– Fax number
– Telephone number
– Mailing address
– Legal name

Contact information for the Response Manager of organization:
– Full name and title (e.g., Dr)
– Mailing address
– Telephone number
– Fax number
– Email address

List of services by telecommunications that the organization offers:
– Payphone services
– Wireless services
– Long distance services, like international calls
– Internet services
– Voice over IP
– Local voice services

2. Next step is to submit your application via Telecom Cover Page i.e My CRTC Account. If you don’t have My CRTC Account, then you have to apply for this account.

3. Wait for registration confirmation information: It is necessary to meet all the requirements associated with a list for registration. You will get a confirmation email after submitting all the requirements. Once you receive a confirmation email, your organization name will appear on the CRTC registration list, within a specified timeframe.