Transportation & Travel Business In Canada

How To Start Transportation & Travel Business In Canada

The Transportation & Travel industry in Canada generates a revenue amount of more than $70 billion dollars and employs more than 600,000 employees every year. The Transportation & Travel industry in Canada is expanding and offers a number of opportunities for new companies. Below are the steps with which you can know that how to start Transportation & Travel business In Canada:

Step 1:
Register your Travel Agency through the provincial government website of Canada if you are registering this company as sole-proprietorship or a partnership. If you are registering your company as a corporation, just complete the payment and registration on the Business Website of Canada.

Step 2:
Register your Transportation & Travel business with the provincial travel agency association if the company is registered in Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia. In the other provinces of Canada, get registered with IATA i.e The International Air Transport Association.

Step 3:
Register your Transportation & Travel business with ACTA i.e The Association of Canadian Travel Agencies. Applications and Fees are completed on this website. Registration fee varies depending on the number of employees in your this business. You are requested to include your IATA number or provincial registration number.

Step 4:
Acquire some additional licenses and permits. It is important for some agencies to possess additional permits and licenses before they start operating. In Ontario, you need to have a sales tax number on your services and goods. If you are employing staff in British Columbia, you need to register your travel company with WorkSafe program of BC. You can get additional information about permits and licenses that you can find on the provincial business website.

Below are the Transportation & Travel Business that you can start in Canada:
– Taxi service
– Bicycle rental
– Limousine service
– Owner/Operator trucking
– Moving van business
– Specialty transportation
– Livestock transportation
– Boats
– Air transport
– Marine shipping
– Medical transport
– Senior services