Are you looking for a business with the flexibility of schedule, wide variety of concepts to cover and work from home or anywhere choice, if yes, then Freelance writing profession is the right one for you.

If you are considering starting venture of Freelance writing company, the following tips will be very helpful for you :

1. Choose your niche of writing:

The first and most important thing in this business is to choose your niche of writing, as it’s difficult to work and write on almost all fields and to keep a good quality of work, it’s a good idea to stick to one niche.

One must do a thorough study of the chosen niche of work, to give quality work to one’s clients. It is very important to know about tips for starting a Freelance Writing Business, because these tips may help Freelance Witting Business to grow more.

2.Choose the right type of writing:
There are many categories and types of writing areas as Article write, Web content writing, Medical Writing, Technical writing, Blogging, Resume writing, Business plan writer, marketing copywriting etc.

Article writing is divided into two categories, one is online articles and another one is print writing. In the case of print media like magazines, journals, and papers, it’s not easy to get space in well-established companies, but it is relatively easier to start your career with online article sites like 7 Simple Steps to Start Your Freelance Writing Business are also available which help to Earn Your First $1,000.

3. Improve your writing skills:

Good grammar and vocabulary play’s important role in while writing masterpieces for your clients, one of the important tips for starting a Freelance Writing Business is to take care of good grammar and vocabulary.

Then along with this good research skills are also equally important. You must do thorough research on the subject from the internet and other sources, so that you may write an informative article.

Many writers write to feed search engines but if you really write for humans, you will get the advantage of free sharing on the social media if they like your content and find it to be informative to them.

One more important thing which you must work on is the writing style of the particular region, city or country for which you are engaged to write.

Every region has its own writing style and way of presenting things to others, and if you write the way they do it, it’ll help you in getting more audience for your work and hence more business to the one who engaged you for writing work.

4. Understanding social media online :

Good understanding of social media networks gives you the upper edge in the high competition of writing good content for online social media campaigns.

People hire content writers to write content in their relevant fields that they or their social media company may post on their Facebook or Twitter accounts or on any other social media accounts.

If you are planning to write marketing content meant for posting on social media platforms, you should be well versed with the requirements of the particular social media platform for which you are writing content for. A guide for starting a Freelancing Writing Business id also available to know more about Tips for Starting a Freelance Writing Business.

Different media have there own restrictions on the number of words e.g. you can post on tweet with 140 characters only, whereas you may post lengthy post on Facebook.

Similarly, for Pinterest, you can write limited content on the pictures meant for this network. All of these mentioned tips for starting a Freelance Writing Business play a very important role in getting your/client’s website in search engines.

5. Internet skills like understanding of seo

As discussed earlier, there is high competition in print media, and easy way out is internet especially for beginners, so one should have sound knowledge of internet technologies.

SEO Search Engine Optimization is the combination of techniques for bringing good rank for the website on search engines like google.

A content writer plays important role in bring sites to the first page on google search.

As every search engine has its own algorithm based on their set rules, the content writer should have the proper knowledge of these rules, to write more effective content as per the requirement.

Key to the success of freelance writing company or professional is writing as per parameters set by the particular search engine.

For example, Google has defined parameter on embedding keywords as keyword density, now if you are not writing within the given limits, your content will be less effective or may give negative ranking too.

The second most important factor with the highest impact on internet-based writing is plagiarism, that means copying the content of others.

Search engines especially Google impose a heavy penalty for this. There are many free and paid plagiarism tools available online which can be used to check the original content.

For example, and can be used to check original content both after and before posting your articles or any other posts.

6. Deciding your price for content :

Article writing is the highly competitive field on the internet these days, as the number of content writers is mushrooming with every passing day.

So one must choose the right price that should not be over price or under the average price. For beginners,  it’s not important to charge much but getting work is the more important thing in the initial stages, but one should keep on tracking his or her level so that you may ask for the right price for you.

Pay scale of hourly payments for writers start with around $10 and may go high as much as $60 per hour.

So if you are asking for more than the trend of the market there are fewer chances of you getting clients and if you not charging well you won’t be able to pay your gas and electricity bills. So choose your per hour rate wisely.

7. Finding paid writing opportunities:

If you have no idea how to find good clients, here is a very good tip for you.

Just go to your social media accounts, like facebook, post to let your friends know that you are in this business, and if they or anyone known to them need your services should contact you.

You may also send emails to all your to your contacts and mention your skill set and areas of your expertise of writing content.

This will work for you, as it has worked for many in the past, as social media is the best form of marketing today and you can easily market your self to a wide variety of audience.


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